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Different types of clays, polymers and solvents (other than water) can be introduced into the process, as well as additional fillers. The finished AeroClay® exhibits various layered microstructures due to the ice templating effects during the freezing step. AeroClay® offers a series of products tailored to:

  1. Mechanical performances: rigid or flexible

  2. Chemical properties: hydrophilic or hydrophobic

  3. Physical structure: pellet, panel, or designed shapes

  4. Insulation, absorption, flame retardancy, controlled biodegradation

AeroClay Earth

AeroClay Earth- made from natural or biodegradable polymer, is environmentally-derived composite for agriculture, thermal, acoustical, and mechanical insulation needs. 

AeroClay Water

AeroClay Water- made from water soluble polymer,  can be tailored to fit most any application.


AeroClay Air

AeroClay Air- made from synthetic polymer with water resistant properties, is good for applications such as packaging and insulation.

AeroClay Fire

AeroClay Fire- made from chemically resistant 

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