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AeroClay® product is mainly made of clay, polymer and water (selected organic solvent works too). AeroClay bio-series products are made from rapidly renewable (cost low + stable), completely bio-based (no petroleum based) raw materials, and home compostable (clay as natural fertilizer). We provide alternative packaging solutions to both rigid EPS foam and flexible EPP foam.




AeroClay synthetic-series exhibits special performance including super high absorbency and service temperature. We provide alternatives to absorbing and structural materials.




Different types of clays, polymers and solvents (other than water) can be introduced into the process, as well as additional fillers, such as reinforcing fibers and conductive particles. The finished AeroClay® exhibits various layered microstructures due to the ice templating effects during the freezing step. AeroClay® offers a series of products tailored to:

  1. Mechanical performances: rigid or flexible

  2. Chemical properties: hydrophilic or hydrophobic

  3. Physical structure: pellet, panel, or designed shapes

  4. Insulation, absorption, flame retardancy, controlled biodegradation


AeroClay® can also be turned into catalyst carriers, capacitors, or even your branded products. We are commited to working with customers and interested researchers to further develop this platform technology. 


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