Meet Our Company

AeroClay LLC is a subsidiary of Compadre, an award-winning innovations 
company based in Austin, Texas.

AeroClay LLC is a startup company in Austin. Though our company history is short, our team is long on experience in technology development and commercialization. The senior management team at AeroClay LLC's well-established parent company, Compadre, prides itself on bringing disruptive technology to market. Compadre's mission is to capture big ideas to create new products in established markets.


AeroClay® technology was invented in 2003 by David Schiraldi, chair of the department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. Here in Austin, our team of scientists is headed by Dr. Yuxin Wang, who worked in the Schiraldi lab developing AeroClay® in its early years.






2105 Donley Drive, Suite 100

Austin, Texas 78758

512.334.1000 • info@aeroclay.com

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